Welcome to HHOP

Our mission is to provide a place where people can come together night or day to exalt the Lord in worship and intercession.

We believe that through united, persistent worship and intercession, spiritual strongholds will be brought down and those who dwell in darkness will see the Light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us night or day in this rich endeavor!

Upcoming Event School of Worship on Second Saturday of Each Month


There is a call to worship in this hour… The Father is calling His children to join the heavenly anthem and come and worship His glorious Son! The Spirit of Jesus is beckoning us… “Rise up My Beloved and Come Away.  Let me see your face and hear your voice.” The Call to Praise the [...]

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Intercession Watch Israel/MidEastern Watch


“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122.  You can hardly open your newspaper without some reference to Israel.  Primarily it is a spiritual issue.  Jack Hayford had said “Superficial good feelings about Israel and excitement over prophetic events are no substitute for ignited, discerning intercession.”  Jesus will not come back to earth until the [...]

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Prayer Model Ministering 2 Jesus


Ministering to Jesus (also called M2J) is a time to worship and  meditate on the Lord through scripture and music. The M2J leader will use songs, lyrics, scriptures, and background pictures to magnify aspects and attributes of Who Jesus is and What He has done for us.  Truths about God are projected onto a screen so [...]

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