About Heartland House of Prayer


Heartland House of Prayer is a place in the city dedicated and set apart for the purpose of prayer and worship alone.  It is a place where believers from all churches and denominations are free to come and go as they please to pray, study or worship.

We are an interdenominational parachurch ministry that exists in cooperation with our local churches to honor and exalt Jesus in this metro area through day and night prayer and worship.


The vision of Heartland House of Prayer is to establish a prayer furnace in the metro area where Jesus is exalted though night and day worship and intercession.

To inspire believers to extravagant devotion to Jesus Christ through a lifestyle of fasting and prayer.

To partner with the Lord through night and day prayer so that the spiritual atmosphere of the region is transformed and He receives a great harvest of souls unto Himself.


The mission of the Heartland House of Prayer is to see an unbroken succession of teams continuously ministering before the Lord 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using various prayer modes.

We look to the day when we throw away the keys and the fire on this altar burns continuously night and day.