The Pakistan prayer watch meets each Wednesday from 9 to 11 am. Pakistan means “land of the holy”. Though currently a muslim nation, it’s roots reach down into Hinduism and Buddhism, and these tangled roots bring forth death and terror to the entire Indian subcontinent and to the rest of the world. Yet 100 years ago, there was a great move of the Holy Spirit in Pakistan, birthed in prayer, that brought thousands into a saving faith in Jesus across the Indian subcontinent.

We are praying for the Lord to “re-dig” this well of revival and prayer in Pakistan; for the Pakistani church to be raised and equipped to contend for the souls of their lost neighbors, for houses of prayer to be established across the nation, for the roots of idolatry to be removed, so that Pakistan can be an exporter of life and peace instead of terror and death – for her to truly be “land of the holy”!