Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative prayer is the act of silently waiting in the presence of the Lord whose sanctuary is within our hearts.

During contemplative prayer, there is no vocal or instrumental music. We quiet the room to create an atmosphere of stillness that we might become aware of God moving within. Meditation on a passage of scripture helps to quiet the distractions of our mind. the passage can focus us and ready us for contemplation.

By setting aside time to practice contemplative prayer, His indwelling Presence will become more and more discernable. After time, it will become easier without preparation, (without biblical meditation) to find His Presence within. It is in this place (in His Presence) that we are to abide continually. (John 15) This is our portion as children of God. He has not left us as orphans. (John 14:18). He is with us always. Abiding continually in His Presence in unceasing prayer is our goal.

Luke 17:22 “The Kingdom of God dwells within us.” Bernard of Clairvaux described contemplation of the indwelling God as an inward paradise of pleasure where vision of pure truth illuminates the eye of the heart.

God in all His splendor, radiance, glorious might and fiery love has made a place for Himself within us. There is space within us that is broader in its ability to contain God than the universe.

The Desert Fathers taught us that entering into the heart is entering into the kingdom of God.

Isaac the Syrian, a Desert Father said: “Try to enter the treasure chamber that is within you and then you will discover the treasure chamber of heaven, for they are one and the same. If you succeed in
entering one, you will see both.”

Teresa of Avilla said the indwelling Presence is the focal point of prayer. “Where God is, there is heaven; a fullness of Glory. We are to find Him deep within ourselves, we need no wings, only a place of silence where we can be alone and center our gaze on the guests within.”

See the following passages concerning contemplative prayer: Isaiah 57:15, John 14:17-21, 1 Cor 3:16, 2 Cor 4:7, 2 Cor 5:1, 1 Cor 6:19, Col 1:27