Devotional prayer is a time for individual bible study and prayer. Instrumental music is played or the IHOP prayer room is streamed into the HHOP prayer room. This provides a good environment for one to study and have loving dialog with the Lord.

The early church fathers had such a love for the Word and prayer that one was not done without the other.

In Acts 17:11, we see that the Bereans were commended because they “received the Word with great eagerness” and “searched the scriptures”. Searching the scriptures means to examine, scrutinize, investigate, interrogate, determine, ask, question, and discern. We encourage people to consult resource materials such a Bible dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, concordances, as they study the Word…these resources are available at HHOP to use during the devotional watch. We then ask God to break open His word for us that we might see. (Luke 24:35)

We are inspired by Psalm 119, where David penned 176 verses of his love for God’s Word. We want to be those who say, “…I open my mouth wide and pant, for I long for Thy commandments…the unfolding of Thy words gives me light.” Psalm 119:130-131 We are finding that the more we study, the more His Word opens up to us and we find the place of increasing delight. “The Words of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.” Psalm 119:72