Harp and Bowl

Harp & Bowl combines the elements of worship, prayer and spontaneous singing. Teams consist of a prayer leader, worship leader, prophetic singers, musicians, and a sound person. They minister before the Lord, combining both worship and prayer.

The inspiration for this model comes from the reality described in Revelation 5:8. The heavenly scene describes the elders before the throne with harps (representing worship with music) and a bowl of incense (representing the prayers of God’s people.)

Prior to a set or watch time, the team studies a passage of scripture, sharing insights and revelation on the passage. This passage is then developed during the set through spoken prayers by the prayer leader, alternating with spontaneous scriptures and choruses from the singers and worship leader. As they minister to the Lord, they create an atmosphere in the prayer room for the whole room to engage with God as His word is being sung and proclaimed.

HHOP is currently using three different formats for the Harp & Bowl model.

Worship of the Word: This is a prayer format in which the team takes large portions of scripture and sings through it, adding some prayer and spontaneous singing.

Apostolic Intercession: The team prays/sings on behalf of others using the recorded prayers of the apostles in the New Testament.

Devotional: The worshipper expresses their heart of devotion through known worship songs and spontaneous singing.

Harp & Bowl is a prayer model established by the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO.

It is our prayer that God will raise up more musicians, singers, composers, lyrists in our house to bring the offerings of their heart before a worthy God!