Ministering 2 Jesus

Ministering to Jesus (also called M2J) is a time to worship and  meditate on the Lord through scripture and music.

The M2J leader will use songs, lyrics, scriptures, and background pictures to magnify aspects and attributes of Who Jesus is and What He has done for us.  Truths about God are projected onto a screen so the worshipper can meditate on each of them.  These truths ignite the heart of the worshiper with love and thanksgiving. Worshippers become lovers of God by beholding His glory with a focused gaze. This is contemplative worship so we discourage singing aloud in an M2J watch so as not to distract others who are meditating and/or contemplating the Lord. (Ephesians 5:29, Matthew 15:8)

The rhythm of our day at HHOP begins with Ministering to Jesus.  Our desire is to be extravagant worshipers of our God so we awaken the dawn as we pour our love and devotion on Him. May our worship of Jesus be sweet and may the Father’s heart be pleased as we give His Son our undivided attention.  (Mark 14:1-9)