Jim and Teri Kohl

Teri and her husband Jim are the Directors of HHOP. She loves prayer, teaching on prayer, and moving beyond facts into relationship. She enjoys spending time with her husband, grandchildren, and kids, and she adores her dog Seymour. And ultimately, her greatest delight is being before the Lord.

Jim is a great man of wisdom who loves God and brings humor and joy to every conversation. He loves being with people, being with his family, and likes to go fishing and hunting.

HHOP History

For the past 20 years, HHOP has been honored to be home to countless lovers of Jesus filling the morning, afternoon, and evening hours with intercession, praise, and worship. 

We began in 1999 as the Council Bluffs Prayer Center. We dedicated CBPC to the Lord for the purpose of continuous prayer and worship. We began with five hours of worship per week. As the years went on, our hours of worship and prayer increased. We started doing conferences on prayer and internships on prayer in 2003.

We were up to 55 hours of weekly prayer and worship when we changed our name to Heartland House of Prayer in 2004. 

We moved to our current building at 2801 5th Avenue in 2007. At one point we were at 88 hours of prayer and worship every week.

Even though hours of worship at HHOP have ebbed and flowed over the years, we have been encouraged to see the total hours of prayer and worship in our metro area steadily increase since 1999. Our vision for night and day prayer and worship in our region is slowly being realized as many churches and other prayer and worship ministries are setting more time aside for prayer.