Come Be In The Prayer Room!

It is our heart that Jesus would never walk in the room and go unnoticed. Sometimes we get so busy facilitating and doing and playing music and we forget to just BE with Jesus. We always want someone with Jesus, ministering to His heart.

Are you confused about what to do exactly in the prayer room? We get that! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enter in. Here are some great things that you can do to engage with what God is doing in the room as continue your personal conversation with God.

  • read the Word! pick a psalm or a proverb or a verse or a book of the Bible and read it through! write down the things that strike your heart, and maybe do some googling to see what deeper meanings can be found in the text.

  • journal! write out your prayer to God. prayer is relationship - just a back and forth between you and God. you don’t have to sound fancy when you pray!

  • draw! many people find that they connect and express God’s heart through artwork.

  • and so many more things! come to the prayer room, engage with God’s heart, and ask the room leader if you feel like you need help jumping into the stream


Jump Into Worship

We love to have live worship as much as possible! We want everyone to feel like they have a place and a voice if they feel called to minister before the Lord musically.

We have a process (don’t worry, it’s not overwhelming!), and it goes a little like this:

Fill out this form, and tell us a little about yourself, your skill level, and where you want to be plugged in. We’ll check it out, shoot you an email, and figure out where you can be more involved!

You can sign up to lead your own 30 minute set (with or without a band); or we can help find you a team where you can jump into their set; or we can help you if you even just want to understand more about the why and how of worship.

Not Musical, But Still Passionate About The Night Watch?

We still want to get you involved! Whether that’s as a prayer leader, or a room leader, or a stage hand, or a social media creator… we’d still love to bring you into our family :) Fill out this form, just check “other” and we’ll start that conversation! Didn’t see your skill set mentioned? That’s ok, we can’t think of everything! Let us know how you want to be a part of the Night Watch!