Our Night Watch Team


Hannah Verboon

Hannah is our director of Night Watch at HHOP, and she also oversees the social media and website for HHOP. She works for a local vet clinic while pursuing her dreams of songwriting and worship leading. Hannah loves the Father and will gladly talk way too much about Him if you even hint at having any interest about knowing Him.

Kara Schneider

Kara is part of our Night Watch team! She works full time for a clinic and is pursuing her Master’s degree! Kara is both analytical and creative - and she leads worship with a purity and fascination with Jesus that invites us into a deeper place of revelation and wonder.

Valisa Sparks

Valisa is on our Night Watch team! She speaks Spanish and works in South Omaha and we love it when she leads worship in Spanish. Valisa is the greatest at hospitality and understanding how to make people feel welcome in any place or circumstance. Valisa’s tenderness toward the Lord constantly reminds us to stay present with each other and with God relationally, and to take our journeys personally, and not just intellectually.

Krista Schneider

Krista is one of the Night Watch team! She is a PTA during the day and she has the most amazing stories of seeing God move and speak to her and her patients. Krista carries a vital role in our team as one who sees and hears clearly from Jesus and the Father, and we love her faithfulness and commitment to see the Light of God shine brighter in our region.